Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Enable Great Customer Experiences

Brands need to achieve a unified customer experience. However, this does not mean uniform. Since consumers look at advertising as a connective process rather than device-by-device, brands need to start unifying the customer experience against all channels.

Creating a unified experience helps to build loyalty and keep the brand image clear for marketers. In addition, brands need to make sure that they are creating platform-agnostic content and imagery to make the experience more enjoyable for consumers.

We have the opportunity to engage consumers at any time and any place. When customers engage with you, it is increasingly over complex journeys, and all of these things are being generated across different touchpoints. People do not think about a specific device or platform, they just want to get things done.


Global retailers are repeatedly held back by siloed systems that result in a fractured journey as customers transition across disparate systems. Today’s business needs to be committed to getting customers what they want and when they want, every time. To be successful, businesses have to deliver a competitive advantage through an improved brand experience.

In addition to satisfying customer expectations, an effective order management solution protects a merchant’s margins so it can more profitably scale its business.

Consumers think more holistically and broadly, which is the way that brands need to think. Consumers do not think about what type of content goes on what platform or device. However, it is the brand’s job to market that way.

A cross-channel uniform experience means verbatim visuals and messaging, the same depth and breadth of content on every device and every feature everywhere.


A unified customer experience also means visual patterns and linguistic tones, content sized for context, contextual features and functionality and leveraging channel capabilities. This way, brands are matching context and needs, but also expectations of the brand and brand personality.


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