Friday, July 08, 2016

Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Innovators old and new have caused entire industries to refocus on the customer. Yet, for those who succeed, many more have been less fortunate and ultimately fail because of insufficient collaboration, integration, sourcing or project management.

CIOs keen to enable great customer experiences soon realize their efforts will also address other, longstanding problems. They dedicate prohibitive amounts of resources to maintain legacy systems bought over the years, and continue to face the more recent challenge of departmental chiefs influencing or making siloed, IT purchases aimed at improving part of the customer experience. All the while, IT departments must make it all work. This cycle impedes companies from making holistic changes needed to transform their customer experience and nimbly respond to an industry competitor. Having the right technology foundation will not only enable the delivery of the experience customers want but put an end to unsustainable IT practices that inhibit a company’s ability to innovate.

Most executives don’t expect CIOs to be the person to lead the company’s shift to a customer-centric model. Even though past efforts and present views may not seem inspiring, the majority of executives consider customer experience a priority. Herein lies the opportunity.

What All Great Experiences Must Be 

Relevant Gone are the days of blasting the same email to everyone in your database. The engagements that a merchant has with shoppers must be relevant based on what you know about someone. A single view of a customer’s shopping preferences and past purchase data make online and offline engagements relevant and personal.

Build your Foundation

To achieve success in today’s digital competitive marketplace, businesses must simplify processes by consolidating their core systems. Remedying siloed systems and initiating a one-system approach is your first step. You’ll eliminate data fragmentation and duplication, while delivering real-time information, creating efficiencies and opportunities to improve the customer experience. With a one-system approach, your back-end enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and order and inventory management systems will reside on one platform. You’ll get a single source of the truth for customer, order and inventory data in real-time, making that data available to all existing and future front-end, customer-facing systems.

Establish your Digital Platform

With your foundation in place, you can seamlessly connect more modern and advanced channels within any part of your business. An ecommerce system will serve as the base of your digital platform. Unified with your back-end systems, you’ll provide instant access to inventory and customer data to your web store to display accurate inventory levels to shoppers, including store availability, and deliver relevant cross-sell and upsell merchandising offers.

Extend Digital to the Store and Beyond

Unify your online and offline channels by extending your digital platform to support a modern POS. Your POS will now operate on the same digital platform as your ecommerce system, creating a seamless experience between online and offline. The shopping journey can start in one channel and easily transition to another.

Plan Accurately

Don’t lie. Driving traffic to your website or encouraging in-store visits via email promotions for unavailable products tarnishes your brand. Instead, get a single view of enterprise-wide inventory visibility to accurately plan and deliver to your customers

Be Consistent

When shoppers engage your brand they don’t see channels. So engage with them the same way on your website, on their mobile device, in- store and when they contact your call center or a sales representative. With a single version of customer, item and order data you can deliver consistent engagements across all touchpoints and sales channels. 

Maximize Engagement and Innovation

Design innovative customer acquisition and retention experiences with your ecommerce and POS systems, utilizing your single source of customer, order and inventory data. With a central digital communications hub, provide personalized engagements and marketing campaigns designed to motivate customers and deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint, focusing on relevancy and value throughout the customer life cycle.

Drive Market Disruption

No longer limited by technology, digitally disrupt your industry and transform your business. You’ll streamline your operations and end the never-ending cycle of maintaining legacy, back-offi         IT systems and siloed, channel-specific software. From there, you’ll gain the agility and scalability to grow your business. Company resources previously dedicated to maintaining multiple systems with heavy integrations can be refocused to innovating the customer experience over and over.

Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

With a unified commerce platform in place, technology is no longer a limiting factor. Delivering the ultimate customer experience arrives when you no longer depend on technology providers to help you create and engage in new, disruptive ways. Businesses can take disruption into their own hands.

With the single source of truth, you’ll provide consistent and relevant experiences across all customer touchpoints and sales channels to differentiate your brand by seamlessly moving with your customers from their desktop, to their smartphone, to your stores and to your call center. You’ll also provide shoppers with relevant, timely and personalized engagements. Altogether, you’ll give customers what they expect from a brand experience, gain their loyalty and be rewarded with their repeat purchases.


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