Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tomorrow's Midmarket B2B eCommerce Will Take Place In The Cloud


Integrated eCommerce Solutions Show Major Benefits For Midmarket Firms

Download the NetSuite Whitepaper to learn more about the payoff of an eCommerce adoption. The latest research provided by Forrester shares how selling online is a prominent part of the B2B mix for midmarket sellers. 

Key Findings

  • Midmarket B2B buyers are moving toward online channels. Nearly three-quarters of the sellers in our study were deriving at least 25% of their revenue from online channels, and 40% of them have seen their online sales grow by at least a fifth in the past year.
  • Midmarket B2B sellers are rising to meet this opportunity with the help of eCommerce platforms. Study participants are looking to migrate customers online in search of better customer engagement, competitive advantage, and cost savings.› Midmarket sellers who are planning to change their eCommerce tools lean toward a single-stack. Sixtytwo percent of sellers who will be replacing their current eCommerce system said they plan to use a unified or single-stack solution.
  • Midmarket B2B sellers credit their eCommerce solutions for helping acquire new customers, improving the bottom line, and improving customer relationships. Study participants said adopting eCommerce solutions drove significant business benefits.

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Sellers Prioritize eCommerce Investment As Customer Expectations Continue To Shift

B2B buyers are taking a digital-first approach to discovering and making purchases, and the shift to digital is only accelerating.  Many midmarket B2B sellers in our study realize that their customers are shifting to prefer online experiences, and that their competition is rising to meet their customers’ needs.  

The sellers in this study were most likely to say their eCommerce platform was an investment priority for 2016.  

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