Sunday, July 09, 2017

SuiteCloud Development Framework: Bringing Greater Flexibility, Control, Efficiency to Customers


SuiteCloud Development Framework is an important tool used to bring NetSuite development up to industry standard practices, bridging the gap between traditional development environments and NetSuite customizations. 

What is SuiteCloud Development Framework

SDF is a technology that allows the development and deployment of SuiteApps and customizations and the configuration of NetSuite environments. This technology empowers developers, Admins and Publishers by integrating NetSuite development components into a robust SDLC experience for the SuiteCloud platform.



Foundation for a Structured Development Process

  • Decouples Development process from NetSuite account
  • Enables better use of dev.environments
  • Enables the integration of external development and deployment tools 

Addresses Software Lifecycle Management needs

  • Team Development
  • Change Management
  • Version Control

More robust deployment experience

  • On-Demand validation of projects against target account
  • Dependency management
  • Richer logs and audit trails

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