Friday, August 19, 2016

Retailers Run Better in the Cloud


Learn how retail companies have improved business efficiency and agility by moving to the cloud. 

Having a reputable cloud provider handle critical business processes – as well as providing the platform for ecommerce sites in some instances – frees companies from performing tasks which are often outside of their areas of core competency.

Download our reseatch study to learn more about the success NetSuite customers are having using our fully integrated business solution to conduct a wide range of business operations and how this too can help your business greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of many KPIs that are critical to retailers of all types.

Download this report to see the quantifiable performance improvements achieved with cloud retail management solutions, including: 

Up to 60% improvement across financial operations. 
IT benefits spanning cost reductions and resource allocation improvements.
Significant productivity gains in customer service and support.
Improved visibility and agility across the entire business.

Download our Research Study


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