Friday, June 30, 2017

Re-Inventing the Retail Experience: Bringing Back the Brick and Mortar

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Learn how to leverage store associates as fundamental assets of your brand and foster deeper brand loyalty by making omnichannel a reality for your business. Make your customers' buying journey seamless by linking online and offline interactions to deliver a better customer experience. 

Despite the rise in online shopping, brick and mortar is back. Thanks to digital and mobile technology, consumers have come to expect a level of service — priority treatment for loyalty, for example — that many retailers are simply not equipped to deliver. 

As businesses look to support these new customer expectations, they are realizing that their back-office systems, which were designed to support employees and internal operations, handicap them when it comes to orienting around the consumer. Many organizations have ’80s-era traditional ERP at the center of the enterprise, surrounded by a patchwork of point systems for specialized functions. The result is that businesses can’t adapt to evolving customer expectations, instead spending millions of dollars to stitch together and maintain a patchwork of siloed systems. 

Since legacy systems were designed around departmental processes, rather than around the customer, these businesses are unable to understand their customers and turn insight into business advantage. Because their customer data is spread across CRM, ecommerce, marketing and multiple systems of record, they cannot reward their most profitable customers, predict demand or ensure repeat business. 

The future belongs to companies that can capitalize on the potential of technology to serve their customers better and orient around them. Enabling Customer Commerce requires creating an organization that is channel agnostic. It also requires fundamental changes to systems and processes that support your business. It requires redesigning the ERP system from the inside out, with the explicit goal of improving the customer experience. 

Multiple Sites, One Platform

  • Create and manage multiple websites for individual brands, geographies and business models—all from a single site instance.
  • Expand globally. Run your business around the world from a single platform that supports multiple countries, languages, tax rates and currencies.
  • Any selling model. Combine business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) selling models on a single platform with a dramatically lower investment and without the need to maintain separate systems. 

Designed for Mobility

  • SCIS was built for tablets to enable sales associates the mobility to engage shoppers anywhere in the store
  • UI designed for touch tablet screens
  • iOS target optimized for a variety of tablet sizes (mini through full)
  • Fully featured Point of Sale allowing sales associates to take transactions from anywhere in the store
  • Commoditized hardware with software delivered via the cloud drastically reduces TCO and roll out costs 

Omnichannel Servicing

  • SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) empowers retailers to disrupt their competition with engaging, unified experiences for their shoppers
  • Carts and product lists available in all channels
  • Endless aisle allows for purchase of any product from any location in the enterprise delivered anywhereFull visibility of orders started or finished in any channelInsight into complete customer brand interaction visibility, including call center, help desk, and marketing 

Digital Selling

  • SCIS up levels sales associates by providing intelligent and relevant information at the right time for each shopper engagement
  • Upsell and cross sell context aware recommendations in transaction and product detail pages
  • Rich product information including images and reviewsEnterprise wide inventory visibility to save every saleInstant understanding of a customer with actionable 360 profile   
To learn more about the features of NetSuite’s in-store solutions, please contact NXTurn to for a demonstration. 

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