Thursday, October 20, 2016

Becoming Omnipotent in Omnichannel: Constructing the Unified Experience


Consumers no longer think in terms of channels—shopping is shopping, regardless of where it is conducted—and retailers need to adopt that same forward-thinking approach.

Download the NetSuite Whitepaper provided by Retail Info Systems News which uncovers the challenges retailers face to keep up with the industry's increased pace of change as well as the necessary steps to successfully future-proof their business every step of the way. The top priorities hitting retailers' wish-lists include cloud computing, retail management systems and unified commerce platforms. 


  • What do retailers struggle with most as they try and transition to an omnichannel platform?

  • What trends are forcing retailers to revamp their retail platforms?

  • Retailers know they need a solution that can “future-proof” their business. What does that mean, and how can retailers be sure their platform can help them?

  • What is the difference between an on-premise, hosted platform and a cloud-supported system?

  • What role does a total retail management solution, or end-to- end solution that manages the entire retail business, play in the next-generation of omnichannel platforms?

  • How has the role of ERP changed in an omnichannel world?

  • How do these platforms tackle integration issues and ensure that all solutions, best-of-breed packages and point solutions, can all be connected to deliver a single version of the truth?

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The Shift Toward Unified Commerce 

Armed with the flexibility of cloud and a back-end RMS in place, retailers are ready to make the most important transition in the omnichannel journey — adopting unified commerce. In most cases, omnichannel retailers are operating multiple channels, yet still struggle with having that one common platform that can create the highly-coveted single version of the truth. By tightly integrating these touch points in a centralized way, retailers not only have a single version of the truth, but are finally gaining their long-awaited consolidated view of the customer.

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