Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Best Practices to Automate Your Warehouse


Check out the 2017 Best Practices to efficiently manage your warehouse, control operations, print barcode labels, and generate custom KPIs that will give you the visibility you need to effectively run your business. 

Learn how to automate and streamline your warehouse operations with NXTurn, LLC.

Distribution Benefits

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve order and inventory accuracy
  • Improve space utilization
  • Adapt quickly to changes
  • Meet regulatory compliance mandates
  • Meet industry compliance mandates 

Product Labeling

  • Label products and verify barcodes with ease
  • Speed up the process for pre-receiving and pre-slotting for putaway locations 

Receive Transactions

  • Check receipts received and posted to the available stock in real-time
  • Combine physical unloading, checking and inspection functions
  • Receive by item/quantity scanning checks to minimize data entry 

Automate System Putaway

  • Update inventory available in real-time
  • Increase productivity for product putaway, inspections and returns to segregate inventory 

Improve Cycle Count and Inventory Management

  • Proactively manage excess, expired and obsolete inventory
  • Improve slotting of product based on velocity 
  • Automate cycle count program generation
  • Keep orders flowing through your warehouse 

Manage Multiple Pick Methods 

  • Implement picking strategies based on order, cluster, batch, bulk and zone
  • Benefit from forward picking and picking from reserve features
  • Automate assignments based on product and order characteristics 

Automate Picking, Packing and Shipping

  • Improve automation for generated letdown or forward bin replenishment
  • Optimized travel path to minimize travel / search time 
  • Automate packing after all picks are completed
  • Use scans and validate contents and generate shipping/carrier labels
  • Improve the shipping process with real-time customer and parcel carrier information 
  • Consolidate all open orders for single ship-to location
  • Optimize trailer loading in reverse destination sequence    
  • Process “SHIPPED” items automatically when a truck leaves the dock

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