Friday, December 02, 2016

The Catalyst for Unified Commerce

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Shoppers are more in control than ever. Smartphones have put everything at their fingertips and given them the power to demand an anytime, anywhere shopping experience.

This isn’t a new revelation for the retail industry. According to the Boston Retail Partner’s 2016 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey of 500 top North American retailers, 56 percent report they plan to focus on providing a consistent brand experience across channels as a top digital priority.

Download the report: 2016 Digital Commerce Survey

Retailers also know that they need a different approach to meet these customer demands –one that eliminates siloed, point solution systems and creates a single version of inventory, product and customer information that can be used across all channels.

To unify the experience across channels requires a unified technology platform, yet only 22 percent of retailers have adopted a unified commerce platform. However, 73 percent of retailers plan to have a unified commerce platform implemented with the next three years, according to the survey.

Many retailers consider an order management system (OMS) as the heart of their unified commerce platform. And while many retailers are investing in their ecommerce platforms, overall, retailers are more focused on the omnichannel customer experience and less concerned with single-channel opportunities.

Uncorking Unified Commerce Success

  • Reduced average order processing times from 20 minutes to 20 seconds.
  • Real-time access to KPI’s to analyze and respond quickly.
  • Better customer experience by utilizing a single source of order, item and customer information.

 Download the 2016 Digital Commerce Survey

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